Over the years we have been fortunate to work with many inspiring people, making numerous beautiful leather products that you can’t find in the shops ready-made.

Our leather craft skills and innovative approach to creating something new both challenges and motivates us.

All leathers we use are authentic, natural and sustainable. We use the most reputable tanneries and suppliers to certify their origin and high quality. Novel skins and colours come up all the time and are a resource of infinite inspiration for our work.

In addition to more customary leathers such as cow hides, goat/lamb suede, pig skin etc, we use ostrich skins; hair-on hides; eel and salmon skins – even some fabulous, priceless “200 year old Russian leather” recovered from a wrecked ship sunk in Plymouth in 1786.

Also, for example, salmon skins are relatively new type of leather in the market and aren’t necessarily as commonly recognised yet as a very compatible option for remarkably striking luxury leather goods. Fish skin sizes do restrict their use to a degree. However, as seen on photos here, and if needed, we join skins together by expert fine-edging techniques to create wider panels to be able to cover bigger items.

Please have a look at some of our work shown on the photos. If you wish to get in contact and have a quote for a special piece or work done in leather, we will be more than happy to discuss your wishes and help create that particular, unique product for you.

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