We work closely with many talented furniture designers and reputable cabinet makers. When a design includes leatherwork we can carry out this part of the job to complete an exclusive piece of furniture.

We have worked on a variety of commissions and have gained sound experience in both covering and lining a variety of furniture types. Whether it’s a complete table, a frame, panel, door or other piece you need clad in leather, we would be happy to help you.

Amongst many methods when working on leather covered furniture, we have gained experience and expertise in joining pieces of leather together by a special technique which allows us to create quite unnoticeable joins. This is a good way to finish leather clad furniture, whilst keeping the attention to the shape of the furniture itself and not distracting the lines by rough and visible joins. We have used this technique in numerous commissions, ranging from full height wardrobe doors covered inside and out in leather to a magnificent 2.5m long dining table frame.

Other recent assignments have included substantial table tops, cabinets, vanity and drawer units clad completely with decorative stitching details, wall panels and bookcases, handrails and banisters… to name just a few.

We can either supply the leather needed, or you can provide it for the piece you want covered. Once you know what colours and type of look you prefer we can source leathers to correspond your request and get samples sent to you for approval.

If you wish to get a unique piece of furniture made, but are not necessarily in the trade, we have contacts with many exceptional designers and highly skilled cabinet makers who could create the exclusive piece of your dreams.