Already for two centuries, Wheeler & Oliver Ltd’s forte has been in making bespoke jewellery boxes.

A valued piece deserves a suitable case. Whether it’s an heirloom, a special gift, valuable watch or a jewellery collection that you wish to have displayed and/or stored appropriately, we can create a made-to-measure box for your needs.

A luxurious leather covered box or case will make your unique pieces look valued and respected. Delicate suede lining will show off the exclusivity of any piece and if you wish, we can stamp an inscription, emblem, name, date or a personal message onto it to highlight the individuality of the item inside.

Our usual way to proceed with any order is to discuss your needs regarding the piece of jewellery, watch etc. and create the box to correspond your requirements. For example if it’s for a valuable necklace, jewellery suite or a trophy, you could first send us a photo and measurements of the item and tell us about your wishes about the leather colours, details and any other aspects that you might like included in the design.

All our products are bespoke and individually handmade to your requirements. Please keep in mind that we do not keep stock of boxes or sell anything mass-produced ready to be sent off the same day.