Trading since 1811, Wheeler & Oliver Ltd is a long established English luxury leather goods manufacturer.

We make commissioned, truly bespoke leather goods, such as LUXURY LEATHER JEWELLERY BOXES and BAGS and specialised high quality, MADE-TO-ORDER LEATHERWORK for unique leather furniture and interior decorators.

All our work is individually handmade and impeccably finished in our workshop in Hampshire England.



Already for two centuries, Wheeler & Oliver Ltd’s forte has been in making bespoke jewellery boxes.

A valued piece deserves a suitable case. Whether it’s an heirloom, a special gift, valuable watch or a jewellery collection that you wish to have displayed and/or stored appropriately, we can create a made-to-measure box for your needs.

A luxurious leather covered box or case will make your unique pieces look valued and respected. Delicate suede lining will show off the exclusivity of any piece and if you wish, we can stamp an inscription, emblem, name, date or a personal message onto it to highlight the individuality of the item inside.

Our usual way to proceed with any order is to discuss your needs regarding the piece of jewellery, watch etc. and create the box to correspond your requirements. For example if it’s for a valuable necklace, jewellery suite or a trophy, you could first send us a photo and measurements of the item and tell us about your wishes about the leather colours, details and any other aspects that you might like included in the design.

All our products are bespoke and individually handmade to your requirements. Please keep in mind that we do not keep stock of boxes or sell anything mass-produced ready to be sent off the same day.


As Wheeler & Oliver Ltd was founded in 1811, we have registered our original trademark “1811” as an homage to our long history in the luxury leather business.

We use the 1811-logo only on the bags we have designed, as seen on the photos. If you wish us to create a bag of your own design, or for your business, we can stamp the design with your own company logo.

Never compromising on the impeccable quality, functionality, and how a product should perform is a significant part of our philosophy. Luxurious finish and glorious inside beauty is as important and thought through as the outside look. We create our well-balanced, sophisticated and timeless bags with great attention to detail and using only genuine leathers and natural materials throughout.

With experience in international fashion and design together with uncompromising hand craftsmanship ensures that our luxurious “semi-couture” bags complement the style of our customers. We take pride in ensuring that you receive a truly exclusive product and wish to create a one-off piece for you that will not be seen carried by anyone else. For added touch of luxury, we can also stamp a personalised inscription, emblem, name or message to make your handbag (man bag / rucksack) unquestionably unique.

Every bag that we create is either extremely exclusive one-off piece or very limited editions of only a few truly bespoke numbers. Every bag is individually handmade in England in our workshop, and for our own designs delivered with a signed 1811 certification of authenticity.

All the bags in the photos are designed and created by us and won’t be found for sale anywhere else.

Wheeler & Oliver Ltd is a member of “ACID” (Anti Copying In Design).


We work closely with many talented furniture designers and reputable cabinet makers. When a design includes leatherwork we can carry out this part of the job to complete an exclusive piece of furniture.

We have worked on a variety of commissions and have gained sound experience in both covering and lining a variety of furniture types. Whether it’s a complete table, a frame, panel, door or other piece you need clad in leather, we would be happy to help you.

Amongst many methods when working on leather covered furniture, we have gained experience and expertise in joining pieces of leather together by a special technique which allows us to create quite unnoticeable joins. This is a good way to finish leather clad furniture, whilst keeping the attention to the shape of the furniture itself and not distracting the lines by rough and visible joins. We have used this technique in numerous commissions, ranging from full height wardrobe doors covered inside and out in leather to a magnificent 2.5m long dining table frame.

Other recent assignments have included substantial table tops, cabinets, vanity and drawer units clad completely with decorative stitching details, wall panels and bookcases, handrails and banisters… to name just a few.

We can either supply the leather needed, or you can provide it for the piece you want covered. Once you know what colours and type of look you prefer we can source leathers to correspond your request and get samples sent to you for approval.

If you wish to get a unique piece of furniture made, but are not necessarily in the trade, we have contacts with many exceptional designers and highly skilled cabinet makers who could create the exclusive piece of your dreams.


Over the years we have been fortunate to work with many inspiring people, making numerous beautiful leather products that you can’t find in the shops ready-made.

Our leather craft skills and innovative approach to creating something new both challenges and motivates us.

All leathers we use are authentic, natural and sustainable. We use the most reputable tanneries and suppliers to certify their origin and high quality. Novel skins and colours come up all the time and are a resource of infinite inspiration for our work.

In addition to more customary leathers such as cow hides, goat/lamb suede, pig skin etc, we use ostrich skins; hair-on hides; eel and salmon skins – even some fabulous, priceless “200 year old Russian leather” recovered from a wrecked ship sunk in Plymouth in 1786.

Also, for example, salmon skins are relatively new type of leather in the market and aren’t necessarily as commonly recognised yet as a very compatible option for remarkably striking luxury leather goods. Fish skin sizes do restrict their use to a degree. However, as seen on photos here, and if needed, we join skins together by expert fine-edging techniques to create wider panels to be able to cover bigger items.

Please have a look at some of our work shown on the photos. If you wish to get in contact and have a quote for a special piece or work done in leather, we will be more than happy to discuss your wishes and help create that particular, unique product for you.

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